Géométries 2011-2014

Géométries 2011-2014

A minima. 2011

"A minima", is about the work of Absalon advancing the idea of a restricted space that admits only the gestures necessary for the needs of daily life and reduced to their strict minimum
"[...] All of these six cells form a whole. The cell is the mechanism that conditions my movements. With time and habit, this mechanism will become my comfort. ...] This project reflects the calm I need. Its realization seems to me to be vital. I would like to make these cells my homes, define my feelings and cultivate my behaviours. […]." Absalon, Cells - Musée d'art moderne de la Ville de Paris, 1993.

Hufeisensiedlung. 2014

The Hufeisensiedlung ("horseshoe estate") is a housing estate in Berlin, built in 1925-33.
It was designed by architect Bruno Taut, municipal planning head and co-architect Martin Wagner, garden architect Leberecht Migge and neukölln gardens director Ottokar Wager.
On 7 july 2008 it was inscribed as one of six estates that constitute the berlin modernism housing estates world heritage site.

Das Oktogon. 2011 [selection]

The "Grand Hotel" has been inaugurate by Erich Honecker in 1987. The hotel should correspond to the highest standards and the highest quality of the time.