• "À bruit" has arrived !

    I am delighted to announce the release of the publication
    À Bruit
    Published by The Green Box
    Design: Anja Lutz // Book Design
    48 pages, 24 illustrations
    Format: 13 x 22 cm 
    Hardcover, blind embossing
    text by Damien Cadio
    English / French
    ISBN 978-3-941644-85-4
    Euro 18,—
    About the publication : 
    The book Á Bruit (With Noise) combines two works : Retour de chasse (Return from the Hunt) is a series of photographs made in November 2012 near the city of Görlitz in Germany. Photographs documenting a hunt, a hunt for images of animals that are peacefully stretched out, eviscerated, and could almost be sleeping. What fascinates in these images is the fact that there is no reproach in the hunt; there is instead, light and silence. When trying to make a timeless tribute to the art of hunting and the life of animals, I also think about the place of photography in the history of art. The Return from the Hunt is a topos of classical painting – from Rembrandt to Courbet: they question life, the transience of time – this is also called the vanity of human passions. I put these images of hunting in dialog with photographs of underwater plants and algae of her series Depth (Profondeur), that I took at the pond in Weinbergspark in Berlin.
    Book Launch 
    Info on Books, Thursday 24th of November, 8 pm, Bar Kosmetiksalon Babette, Berlin

  • À bruit

    À Bruit is a book project I try to finance on Kickstarter plateform. 

    I am pleased today to introduce you my photo series Rückkehr von der Jagd (Return from the Hunt) and Tiefe (Depths)  whose motivates this appeal.

    Books are the best way to make an artwork travel on its own. They need to be done with a very special care, as they carry your thoughts around the world . 

    À bruit (a particular way of hunting) is my second book, after Visites and also my second crown-founding project.

    Rückkehr von der Jagd (return from the Hunt) is a series of photographs I made in November 2012 near the city of Görlitz in Germany.

    This series comes after a long work on still-lives. I was always attracted with the still life of the XVII in Holland and refer to it when it comes about my work. 

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    Durant les Rencontres de la photographie d’Arles du 6 au 12 juillet 2015, dans le programme des Voies-Off, FOTOHAUS I PARISBERLIN présentera, au 7 rue de la Roquette, 3 expositions : l’Ecole d’Ostkreuz, GARTEN de ParisBerlin>fotogroup et Salon Photographique de la Collection Regard. Là vous poirrez voir une présentation de montravail, dont certaines images sont également montrées á St Etienne au MAMC+.

    venez nombreux !

    During the Arles Festival for Photography from July 6 to 12, 2015, in the program
    Voie-Off, I FOTOHAUS PARISBERLIN present, at 7 Rue de la Roquette, 3 exhibitions:
    School Ostkreuz, GARTEN of ParisBerlin> fotogroup and the Photographic salon of the
    collection Regard. There you will see a presentation of my work, some images are also shown in St Etienne at the MAMC+

    Come along!