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  • Géographies des limites humaines - 2019

    Exhibition catalogue
    Die Photographische Sammlung/ SK Stiftung Kultur, Köln (Germany).
    The Green Box, Berlin.

    Texts by Gabriele Conrath-Scholl, Jule Schaffer.

  • À Bruit - 2016

    Artist book about Hunting
    The Green Box, Berlin.

    With a poetic text by the french artist Damien Cadio.

  • inszenieren - 2015

    Exhibition catalogue
    Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art, Saint Etienne (France).
    Fage éditions, Lyon.

    Texts by Lóránd Egyi, Alexandre Castant, Martine Dancer-Mourès.

  • Visites - 2014

    Exibition catalogue
    Museum for Photography, Braunschweig, (Germany).
    Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg.

    Texts by Hubertus von Ammelunxen, Christina Landbrecht, Hannah Dübgen.

  • Solitude Quotidien/Alltäglich - 2010

    Exhibition catalogue
    Akademie Schloß-Solitude, Stuttgart (Germany).
    Merz&Solitude Verlag, Stuttgart.

    Texts by J.B. Joly, Kaiwan Mehta.

    french/german and english
  • Ordre/s - 2008

    Residency catalogue
    French institut Stuttgart in cooperation with ART3 Rhône Alpes (Germany/france).
    Institut Français éditions.

    Text by JB Joly.

  • Roselyne Titaud - 2006

    Exhibition catalogue
    Espace Vallès, Grenoble, (France).
    Espace Vallès éditions.

    Text by Danielle Maurel.

  • Intérieurs - 2004

    Catalogue of the travelling exhibition
    Pollen, Montflanquin (France).
    ODAC/Pollen éditions.

    Texts by Denis Driffort, Didier Arnaudet.